Standing "O" of the day goes to this Arizona dad who really, truly gets it when it comes to helping, well, basically everyone cope with bullying.


A dad's simple message to his son about bullying is going viral because of the sweet yet sorta revolutionary way he handled an incident that upset the 9-year-old.

Gilbert, Arizona-based father Isaac Irvine's Facebook video has more than 130,000 views at time of writing. In the adorable three-minute clip, Irvine's son Bodi shares that he was bullied for having long hair, and that other kids told him he looked like a girl.

First, Irvine tells his son he thinks his hair is pretty awesome, which warmed my heart. But then, he asks Bodi to share why he has such long hair. "I want to donate it," the boy explains. But despite his noble reason, Bodi adds that being bullied for his luscious locks made him "feel sad."

That's when the tattooed Irvine admits something truly powerful to his boy; something that many parents may not think to say to their children: "Daddy gets made fun of sometimes too."


His dad's personal revelation helps Bodi realize he isn't the only person who gets bullied. And that by sharing his story, he can help other kids who might be dealing with bullying too.

At the end of the touching video, Bodi says he believes that being different is a good thing, because it means you think differently than other people. And that pretty much brings his big, tough, tattooed dad (and us!) to tears.

Interestingly, Irvine told CBS News he didn't plan for the video to go public. But he's thrilled if it can help other parents deal with the issue of bullying when it comes to their kids, saying, "I hope they are inspired to be transparent with their kids about their own lives. When you hear someone at school was mean, it's natural to look to the school to solve it. Or tell your kids that you'll solve it. Had I done that, I feel I would be robbing Bodi of an important life lesson. He's stronger than he knows and he can solve this one himself."

If you need me, I'll just be over here for a while, slow-clapping for Irvine in admiration.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and soon-to-be mom of 4. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.