Dad's Raw Photos Capture the Magic of Everyday Life

This photographer/father snaps photos of his family in strikingly normal situations....and the images are so captivating. 

We tend to pull the cameras out for life's milestone moments. Births, weddings, birthdays, first days of school...those are the events we commonly shoot. But one photographer doesn't wait for the big days to roll around. Instead, he captures the mundane moments we sometimes take for granted—and by doing that, he captures the magic of day-to-day life.

Thomas Laskowski 

​Thomas Laskowski has made a name for himself as a family photographer. When it comes to his own family, he's all about finding and celebrating the little moments.

Thomas Laskowski 

"I strongly believe that life is made of regular days," the photographer told "Annoying Monday mornings and busy evenings. And I think it's incredibly easy to ignore those times. To not pay attention to the boring, regular and mundane but focus only on big family events. But how many weddings, Christmas days and family trips do we really have in our lifetime? Life is what's happening here and now. When you help them tie their shoelaces in the morning, or when on Sunday they wake up earlier than on school day and won't let you sleep. Or that split second when they love each other just before they start fighting again."

Thomas Laskowski

Recognizing and capturing those moments is crucial to Laskowski. 

Thomas Laskowski

"This is what I want to remember and more importantly what I want them to remember," he said. "I have a box of pictures from my childhood, but besides that, my memories from when I was a child are really foggy. I don't want that for my kids. I want them to remember those days in 30 years. So I try to take pictures all the time. Of everything. When they brush their teeth and ride a bike. Playing a board game with mum and doing homework. Sleeping, eating, crying, dancing, reading. I have pictures of them sitting on a toilet, licking a shower curtain, covered in chicken pox, at the dentist, and so on. I have pictures of my kids with their mum in the frame with an angry face that says 'put the damn camera down!' Basically all the time, every day and everywhere—but only a handful get published."

Thomas Laskowski

The dad's decision to focus on these moments came as naturally as the events themselves. "It started very organically. I'm a photographer, I have a camera, I spend most of my time with my kids. What else is there to do if not to take pictures of them?" he said. "But a couple years ago, I was at my folks' place, and I somehow gravitated towards to that old green box full of pictures. Going through them I had realized that the photographs I have the most connection to, the ones that mean something to me are not the perfect ones when I and my family stand in line in front of a camera but the ones that my dad took with his old Zenit camera when no one was looking. Not the 'stand here sweetie, look at me for a moment' vacation pictures, but the ones where I can see my old home, the old garage in the backyard that no longer exists, the way my old room looks like and my family looking…normal."

So maybe it's time for you to pull out your smartphone and grab a snap or two of your kids right now—doing homework, playing Legos, making a mess, living life.


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