This is one parenting struggle that most dads—and moms!—know all too well.

By Maressa Brown

A dad from Auckland, New Zealand is a bona fide YouTube star these days thanks to his hilarious "How to Dad" video series. Jordan Watson, who has two daughters named Mila and Alba, started making his "tutorials" back in 2015 when one of his buddies at work was about to become a dad. His first clip was called "How to Hold a Baby," and it was an instant internet sensation. Now, Watson posts new a "How to Dad" video weekly, and his latest —"How to Put a Kid to Bed," which was posted on Sunday, August 13 —is going viral, because it's just that adorable and oh-so-real.

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In the clip, Watson shows viewers all the different "styles" dads might have when it comes to putting their L.O. to bed. Like maybe you're the "Way Too Into It Dad," who does all the bedtime story characters' voices or you're "That Fun Dad," who gets your kid all riled up so they never go to sleep. There's also the "Tired Dad," obvi. Check it out.

Watson's Facebook followers, who of course include fathers and mothers, completely related to the funny clip. One wrote, "I am the Run Away Dad!" while another commented, "Exactly what we go through every night!" Yep! Pretty sure every parent has been one or all of these dads at one point or another. After all, getting your kid to bed is a struggle that is just all too real!


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