Little girls are the only ones who are dressing up as princesses these days. It looks like dads and uncles are getting in on the fun as well! First, we got word that a British dad decided to accompany his daughter to a Frozen sing-a-long event dressed as the character Elsa. His daughter went as the snowman Olaf and the duo look pretty freaking cute:

frozen elsa dad
uncle dresses as princess

First of all, bravo to these awesome men for sitting through these kid-friendly -- though maybe not so adult-friendly -- movies/events. On top of that, they did it wearing princess costumes -- which are SUPER uncomfortable and itchy, speaking from years of experience dressing as various Disney princesses for Halloween. More importantly, they had some great bonding time that will definitely be remembered years and years later.

Dads/uncles/grandpas, tell us: Would YOU ever put on a princess dress?

Hannah Werthan is the assistant editor for She doesn't think her dad would be caught dead in princess attire. (Too bad, because that would be hilarious.) 

Image of Jesse Nagy from his Facebook page.