Dad Turns His Daughter's Bag Lunches Into Perfectly Geeky Works of Art

We love how this awesomely geeky dad goes above and beyond when it comes to packing his daughter's lunch every day.

I HATE packing my kids' lunches everyday.

There. I said it.

The monotony of meal prep, the mad scramble for drinks and snacks, the feeling of dread when you realize you forgot to clean out the thermos from the day before...

Who's with me?

Definitely not THIS guy, Imgur user Roboguzu, who wins the award for packing the most epic lunches ever. Why? Because every morning he pimps out his 9-year-old daughter Lilith's boring brown bags with clever references to movies and video games.

"This school year, my daughter had to have her name written on her lunch," he posted. "I thought I would have some fun with it, so I wrote this on it the first day":

lunch bag

"But then I couldn't stop myself."

Too awesome!!

(A Horcrux, for the uninitiated, is a Harry Potter reference that means a powerful object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality.)

(And yes, I just Googled that.)

This next one I totally got though, thanks to my 10-year-old's former addiction to Super Mario:

extra life


Lilith's dad says he comes up with ideas for his lunch doodles on the fly. "I just kind of wing it," he told Distractify. "It's normally something we've watched recently, or a game we've played, or just something that's come up in conversation. So I just kind of go with whatever strikes me as funny or interesting that day."


I mean, who doesn't like a little zombie repellent with their PB&J?

Dad says Lilith loves his creations so much that she actually saves them all in a box in her room. "I'm sure if she were older it would be embarrassing," he said. "But I think in third grade it's just fun."

Speaking of which....does a third-grader really understand the meanings behind all the masterpieces? "[Lilith] likes watching Aliens, Jaws, and iZombie, so I guess she's got a little different frame of reference than most 9-year-olds," Dad said. "I've always made it a point to show my kids the stuff that I like, or liked as a kid. So she knows Firefly, Big Trouble in Little China, all that stuff. The only ones I've had to explain to her are stuff like cold fusion."

Ahhh cold fusion. A hypothetical type of nuclear reaction that would occur at, or near, room temperature.


We'll just stick with the Jaws references, if you don't mind.

But you can check out the full gallery of brown bag treasures over on Imgur.

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger and a mom. Check out her website for more, and follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.

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