A super-organized dad tracked his son's first words using a spreadsheet and graphs to illustrate the extreme learning curve toddlers go through when they start to learn language.

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 10, 2017

When my kids were little, I dutifully recorded all of their first words in a big old-fashioned baby book. I was pretty impressed with myself, too. Or at least I was until I heard about this guy, who documents everything his kid says on a spreadsheet!

That's right; dad Jon Jivan, a videographer by trade, has been tracking all of his son Elliot's words since the day he was born by plotting them out on a graph in order to highlight the exponential growth.

Check it out:

Pretty cool, right? We love the fact that Elliot's first word at seven months was "uh-oh," followed by "dada," "momma" and "kitty" a few months later, before things really took off between months 16-20 with terms like "bubbles," "apple," "duck," and "knee."

The innovative dad was kind enough to share the genius method behind all this graphing madness over on Reddit, where he posted the above image to much fanfare. "All words recorded were said in context (not simply a parroting of sounds) and had to be witnessed by both myself and my wife for confirmation," he explained. "Tracking his words in Google Sheets was convenient because I could pull up the spreadsheet on my phone every time we heard a new word."

Like Yahtzee, for example, which Elliot busted out around the 18-and-a-half-month mark—right after "kick" and right before "cow."

"We have a kid's version of Yahtzee with large dice and Disney characters," Jivan explained. "We'd 'play' the game with him—but that really just consisted of putting all the dice in the cup, shaking it, dumping on the floor and yelling "yahtzee!" regardless of what came up. He thought it was hilarious and would play by himself, yelling "yahtzee" every time he dumped the cup of dice."

Too cute! Jivan says he'll probably continue to use this method to document Elliott's increasingly impressive vocab until his second birthday, even though he and his wife are expecting baby #2 in May.

"Wait until I start tracking [them] on the same chart," he said. "Pit your children against each other!"

Wonder how long it will be before Elliot can say #ParentGoals...?

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