The St. Louis father has taken great pride in setting up over-the-top holiday decorations for the past 16 years.

By Maressa Brown
October 30, 2017

A father from St. Louis, Missouri is making headlines nationwide for his elaborate Halloween display. Chris Donaubauer says he's spent $100K total on decorations he sets up all over his property, and his neighbors are loving it.

In fact, Donaubauer runs a Facebook page called "My home holiday decorations" on which he updates followers nightly about viewing times. (For instance, a recent post read "Stuff is on until 9. At 9 it's off. I have kids to get to bed.")

Credit: Chris Donaubauer

Putting up an over-the-top spectacle has been a tradition for the creative dad for 16 years. His reason for keeping up the tradition? "Just making kids and adults happy!" he tells

He also explained in a recent Facebook post: "Yes I could take donations and that would be nice and I could use it. But I have never done it for that and will never do it for that. ... I get to watch adults act like kids in a candy store. And the kids love it. Just like I do and my family."

Anyone interested in checking out the jaw-dropping decorations has through October 31 to see them in person. After that, Donaubauer makes a point to take them down promptly, in order to get started on his Christmas display.


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