The dad of two and longtime Potter fan took to Facebook to share photos of the amazing project. 


Of course Harry Potter fanswho grew up with the series and are now parents want to share their love of the books with their children. One dad from Connecticut has just done an amazing job laying the foundation for exactly that. Peter Fragola, 38, found himself mesmerized by Harry Potter when he was in his 20s. "I was immediately… pardon the pun… enchanted by J.K. Rowling’s… pardon the pun… magical way of spinning a tale," he wrote in a post on his blog, Chronicles of a New Dad. "Harry, Ron and Hermione felt like old friends and Hogwarts felt like home. I had never interacted with text the way I did with these books. I had heard of 'page-turners' before, but never held one myself. That was until that dull summer day all those years ago."

Fast-forward to present day, and Fragola and his wife Stephanie have two sons -- 3-year-old Jackson and Oliver, who turns one later this month. Upon buying a house a few months ago, Fragola zeroed in on storage space under the stairs.

Peter Fragola and kids
Credit: Staci Miller

He tells, "I knew immediately that I would be turning it into a reading nook for the boys." But not just any reading nook. No, he wanted to create a Cupboard Under the Stairs. Yes, a real-life version of Harry Potter's first bedroom at the Dursleys' home. It turned out so phenomenally and spot-on that Fragola's Facebook post about the room -- shared under the whimsical pseudonym Carmine Hearthstone -- is quickly going viral.

Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs exterior
Credit: Peter Fragola

"I’ve had nearly 4,000 likes in just over a day since posting pictures," Fragola explains. "I’ve had people ask me if I’d be willing to rent out the room -- I’m sure in jest! I’ve had people ask me where I can get specific items I put in the room… And I’ve had people ask if they could share the post with their family/friends so they could create something similar."

The project took him about two weeks total to complete, as he did a little bit at a time at night after the boys went to sleep, Fragola shared in his blog post. "The first and most difficult part was the actual planning of the project," he writes. "With so many amazing Harry Potter related ideas floating around in my head it was hard to narrow it down to a few, so that the boys could actually fit in there."

But the final result is beyond breathtaking. The "cupboard" features walls covered with Daily Prophet newspapers, memorable quotes in all manner of Rowling-esque fonts, Hedwig, a few pillows, a Marauders’ Map blanket, and more. It's no wonder so many fellow Potter fans are giving him props.

Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs interior
Credit: Peter Fragola
Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs interior
Credit: Peter Fragola

"I'm completely jealous, I want to live in this cupboard," one commenter wrote. Another said, "Magical, Pete! What great moments and dreams will be had in this remarkable space!"

No doubt. It doesn't get more magical for a Potter-loving parent -- and soon-to-be Potter-loving kids -- than this!