You have to see the gorgeous images this dad photographer created of his daughter as Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.


You may remember Utah-based photographer and dad Josh Rossi from his epic Wonder Woman-themed photo shoot featuring his 3-year-old daughter Nellee.

Well, now Rossi is back and has really outdone himself, having flown to Europe to create the perfect backdrop for a Valentine's Day gift his little girl will never forget.

"I turned her into Belle from Beauty and the Beast," Rossi told Boy, did he ever.

josh rossi photography

Rossi calls the project "a token of love" for Nellee, and details how he made this whimsical scene and others come to life in a blog post on

"I shot a total of three castles, five cities, and randomly stopped at small provincial villages along the way to create the images," Rossi explained, adding, "The story of Beauty and The Beast has such an amazing message of true love and being accepted that I wanted to recreate the scenes with my daughter. I also wanted to create something my daughter would have forever that showed the fun relationship and the love I have for her."

josh rossi photography

Upon his return home, Rossi encouraged Nellee to play dress up, and then, he added his Photoshop magic.

This video shows more about how Rossi created the finished images, and Nellee's reaction to her father's amazing Valentine's Day gift. If you're like me, you'll cry just a bit watching.

"Her reaction was priceless!" Rossi told us.

josh rossi photography

He also wrote, "After creating the Wonder Woman series a few months ago and having it be seen by over 35 million people, I received a ton of emails. Out of all the emails the ones I will remember the most are from other dads who said they were inspired to spend more quality time with their daughters."

Sniff. Right on!

We can't wait to see what he comes up with next!

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