This little girl has to wear an eye patch every day, so her dad decided to turn them into awesome works of art.

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 10, 2016
geof and layla grubb with oscars eye patch
Credit: Layla's Patches/Instagram

Meet Layla Grubb.

The adorable 10-month-old was born with a cataract in her right eye, and doctors told her family she'd need to wear a corrective patch on her left one for two hours a day until she's 5, in order to encourage vision improvement.

This actually happened to my friend's daughter. And I have to say, she looked pretty cute toddling around with those patches on. But I can see how wearing a plain old adhesive version all the time could get to be kind of a bummer. Which is why Layla's dad Geof decided to up his daughter's style game by drawing a different image on her eye patch every single day, using a ballpoint pen and Crayola twistables colored pencils.

Credit: Layla's Patches/Instagram

Joy in da house... Too cool!

"My daughter has to wear an eye patch," Grubb explained when he first shared his work on Reddit. "Tried to make the best of it."

And so there are birthday cake patches, Mardi Gras patches, a patch with a golden Oscar statuette, and patches with almost every Disney and other cartoon character you can think of—including the villains.

harley quinn
Credit: Layla's Patches/Instagram

Grubb is not an artist, by the way, but a chemical-engineer-turned-stay-at-home-dad who started the popular Layla's Patches Instagram account in order to showcase his work.

He told the The Bump his design inspiration comes mostly from "pop culture things that I think will be funny or cute." Which is why you'll find a patch pimped out with a meticulous copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon—which we imagine earned Miss Layla some serious street cred with the teachers at school—a patch christened with the popular poop emoji, and one that I'm calling the Insta-patch, which Geof posted last week to honor his account's 11,800 followers and one-year anniversary.

Credit: Layla's Patches/Instagram

"Today marks one year on instagram!" he wrote in the caption. "That's 366 patches, 732 hours of patching, and crazy amounts of love from all of you! Thank you so much for the support!"

Head over to Layla's Patches to check out his designs and then let us know which one is your fave!

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