Remember the mom who went viral for her hilarious (and honest) back to school photos? Well, now her husband is getting in on the action. And it's pure gold.


If the prospect of sending your kids back to school this fall has you doing a secret (or not-so-secret) happy dance....well, you're not alone.

See: Keshia Gardner, the mom who has been winning the Internet with her viral back-to-school photos. The mom's pictures, which often feature her literally jumping for joy on the first day she sends her kids back, have been circulating.

But as it turns out, she's not the only member of her family who has some strong feelings about the first day of freedom (er, school).

Credit: Keshia Gardner

Gardner's husband, Andrew, has been behind the camera to shoot these photos "for as long as he can remember"—but this year, the dad stepped in front of the lens to pose for his own take on back to school photos.

"Last year [my wife's] pictures went was pretty fun," Gardner told "My son graduated last year [so he could take the photo this year] and he said 'Dad, why don't you get in there?' so they figured out something for me to do and I just kind of rolled with it."

Credit: Keshia Gardner

"I was like 'oh Andy, this year you have to do something funny,'" his wife added. "And he was like 'fine but I'm not jumping.'"

Photos of the dad posing with balloons while lounging in a glittery bath have gone viral, and they're just as funny as his wife's original photos.

The couple have had up to nine foster kids at a time—so we'd say they've earned some time to lounge once school season rolls around!

Credit: Keshia Gardner

"It was just to make people laugh," Gardner said. "Most parents, when their kids start kindergarten they're going to shed a few tears. As they get 11, 12 years old and you've taken care of them all summer it's like 'hey, glad you're going back.' There were some people who commented saying 'your kids are so embarrassed.' They don't know our kids. Our kids were laughing. We couldn't get them to stop laughing to take the picture. They were just rolling, they couldn't stop....Life's too short not to have fun."