The 9-year-old girl sent her dad on a business trip to New York City with a sweet surprise in his suitcase.

By Melissa Willets
April 04, 2017

A dad-of-four recently found the sweetest surprise from his 9-year-old daughter Tate while on a business trip to New York City. The little girl had secretly packed her stuffed Dumbo in his luggage, along with an adorable note wishing him goodnight and good morning!

stuffed dumbo
Credit: endustry1994/Reddit

Tate, whom her dad calls "Tatertot," also wrote in the note that she hoped her daddy had sweet dreams. Then, the fourth-grader preciously said she loves him to the moon and back. Oh, and also to get her a souvenir while on his trip!

What did her dad think about her sweet gesture? "My reaction was simple—I cried," he told


The post, which was shared on Reddit, has gone viral, having been viewed more than 66,000 times, and garnering well over 1,000 comments at time of writing. Many commenters bemoaned how they have gotten into the habit of buying their kids souvenirs every time they travel.

This is something both my husband and I are guilty of. And most of it is junk! But how can you resist picking up a little something for your children when you are away and missing them? Especially if, like Tate, they take the time to hide a treasured toy of theirs in your suitcase! I know I'd be deeply touched if one of my daughters did this.

And who knows? Maybe spending a night away from Dumbo was a really big deal for Tate. In that case, this dad has the sweetest little girl ever!

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