This awesome dad takes his daughter everywhere in an inflatable T-rex costume.
DinoDad in bowling alley
Credit: Imgur/DinoDad

Stop me if you've heard this one before: A T-Rex walks into a bowling alley...

No? Then allow me to get you up to speed: Imgur user DinoDad has officially entered Coolest Dad Ever territory by taking his daughter everywhere in an inflatable T-rex costume.

Orginally purchased to surprise his daughter at her birthday party, DinoDad has now worn the Jurassic get-up shopping, sledding, on the basketball court... you name it. "Most of these were her idea and filmed by her," he wrote on Imgur. He initially feared his daughter would be upset when he showed up to go bowling dressed as a T-Rex, but he need not have worried: The 6-year-old fell in love with the look instantly and started introducing him as "DinoDad." Now he keeps the costume in his car so he can wear it on demand.

"I wear it because it's hilarious and it makes people smile," he told Distractify. "Kids [come] over and giggle with excitement as I eat their heads. Everyone loves being chased by it."

The positive response to his costume—which sells for about $70 at costume shops but is sadly now out of stock—has inspired DinoDad to start writing a book to teach kids the importance of using technology responsibly from a young age. "It's just a silly book about not staring at screens all day when you're that young," he says.

Whether or not he will write the book in costume, however, remains to be seen!

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