This dad, AKA "Grandpa," is the best doll babysitter ever!

Melissa Willets
June 23, 2016

A dad really went adorably above and beyond while "babysitting" for his daughter's American Girl doll recently, chronicling the entire day in a series of hilarious images.

"Last night, Joselyn our 9 yr old daughter asked if I would babysit 'Abbie' for her today," dad Trent McCain explained in a Facebook post. "She really wants to go trucking with her Grandpa."

Okay, stop there. Because my kids also refer to me as their dolls' grandma, which I kinda hate.

McCain continues, "This morning before I leave, she reminds me I'm babysitting today. Well being the good 'Grandpa' I agree to take her. We decided to have a little fun and post pictures of our travels. I didn't want Joselyn thinking I threw Abbie in the sleeper and forgot about her. She has been sending instructions via FB all day. Abbie and Grandpa have had a good day, and glad we could bring a little entertainment to our friends."

Here are some highlights from the day, which "Grandpa" posted on the McCain Enterprises, LLC Facebook page.

As one commenter playfully inquired, where's the car seat?

Aww! It's Great-Grandpa's turn to watch Abbie.

Put that kid to work!

A shot of "Grandpa" and Abbie.

Abbie certainly had an exciting day!

Meanwhile, it's pretty clear that Abbie is used to being part of the family, and is no stranger to taking part in their daily activities.

I love how McCain has embraced his daughter's love for her doll. As a mom of three girls, I'm fully aware he probably had no choice in the matter, though. My daughters fully expect me to play along that their dolls are their kids. I can't tell you how many times I've had to wait to leave the house while they dress and "feed" their brood. And Lord forbid I just throw a doll down the stairs to them instead of bringing it down like a real baby! They'd revolt against "Grandma!"

Do your kids expect you to treat their dolls like they are real?

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Comments (2)

March 16, 2019
My parents did this for my daughters babies! They took them to Tennessee and Key West and took pictures on their trip and the adventures the babies took. They also took them recently on their cruise with their Kiwanis friends and took them to the different ports and all! Their friends just loved it!
March 16, 2019
Thats sweet of Him! Kids pretending their dolls are real is wonderful! One day they will make great parents themselves!!!