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Dad Asks Parents to Share the Lies They Tell Their Kids, Hilarity Ensues

Think you're the only parent who fibs to your kids? Think again—and read some of these hilarious confessions from other 'rents. 

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Honesty is the best policy....most of the time.

Parenting has a way of teaching you that sometimes, a little white lie is totally necessary: Whether it's to protect your kids, to keep them in line, to make your life easier or to preserve their belief in the Tooth Fairy, every parent has had to bend the truth from time to time. And a real-life dad is here to expose the fibs we tell in the name of parenthood.

British broadcaster Dan Walker tweeted out a call for other parents to share the best lies they've told their kids, and the results are hysterical. Also, a little bit inspirational—you just might want to steal some of these crafty hacks. "What are the fibs you've told your children?" Walker asked before insinuating he's used the old "pet heaven" line on his own family. 

The answers are all kinds of amazing. "My son and I spent 10 minutes looking for his chocolate coins when I knew all along I’d eaten them the day before​," one mom wrote.

​A father added: "Daddy cannot hear when it is dark. Call mummy if you wake up at night. Actually worked till my wife found out." 

​​Yet another parent shared a genius dinnertime trick: "a helicopter used to pass over our house at 6pm daily . I said they were checking to make sure kids were eating ALL their dinner nicely."

​For more incredible "white lies" parents tell, check out the growing thread, which is chock-full of hilarious gems....and watch some of our editors and readers' confess their own lies below. 

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