Dad Asks Celebs to Wish Bullied Son Happy Birthday & They Deliver in a Big Way

After his son Ollie was bullied, this dad posted a plea on Twitter that celebrities would wish the 9-year-old a happy birthday, and it worked!

On Thursday, dad Christopher Hope-Smith sent out a plea on Twitter in honor of his son Ollie's 9th birthday.

Sadly, Ollie was being picked on at school, and his sweet father was hoping that tweets from celebrities would send his little boy a positive message and let him know that he mattered. The last thing he expected was for his tweet to go crazy viral...but it did, with stars like Russell Crowe, Dionne Warwick, Monica Lewinsky, and the Toronto Raptors showing up in an impressive display of solidairty to voice their hearftfelt well wishes:

Pretty incredible!

Even The Simpson's artist Eric Keyes sent out an uplighting message via a custom illustration designed just for the birthday boy:

So cool! Mad props to Christopher for placing a callout for positive messages for his son, while at the same time reminding the rest of us about the importance of spreading kindness. Even Ollie's mom Natalie—who never tweets—took over her husband's account to share that she was overcome with gratitude.

"I am completely overwhelmed by everyones kind thoughts," she wrote. "You do not know what this means to me and will to Ollie when we show him. I have been battling with this matter for over a year and am only just now being listened to. It is heartbreaking listening to an 8 year old think that he is worthless and 'shouldn't be here'. I know that we are definitely not the only ones in the world to be going through this but I just want to say, from the bottom of my heart 'Thank You' so much. You really don't know what this means."

Way to go, Internet! Faith in humanity = restored.

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