Dad-and-Daughter Duo Remix 'Rake it Up' for Back-to-School Season

This adorable father/daughter duo just put a family-friendly spin on a hot hip-hop song—and it's perfect for back-to-school season!

Joel Carter and his daughter, Dream, have their back-to-school anthem cued up and ready to go. The father/daughter team, who share videos on their family's YouTube channel, put their own spin on Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj's hit song "Rake it Up" just in time for Dream's return to school.

Both Joel and his daughter loved the song, but the dad wasn't too thrilled with the thought of his kids singing the original lyrics—so he and Dream decided to change them up and put the focus on academic achievement.

The song's title took on a new meaning in this remix: For example, Dream sang that she'll try to "rake up" those A's at school this year.

"I tell all my kids/Go rake it up/Go break it down/Be college bound/Them A's you rake it up," The dad sang as his daughter danced (really, really well, might we add!) in the song's video.

The daughter sang in the video as well. Her lyrics included: "Back in the grind/The summer over/I gotta get my head back straight like a soldier/I'm trying to make them A's just like my daddy told you/So I do my homework, study hard like I'm supposed to."

The point of the remix? To "encourage all students to do their best work this upcoming school year," according to the video's description. We'd definitely say it does that, and in a really fun, catchy way. And how talented are both Joel and Dream?

We couldn't love this fun twist on a popular song more! Will you be playing it for your kids this back-to-school season?


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