A dad sent his 5-year-old son to kindergarten wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, not realizing the garment pictured Santa in a compromising situation.

By Hollee Actman Becker
December 21, 2015
boy wearing inappropriate christmas sweater
Credit: Imgur

Stay away from yellow snow—especially when you're dressing your kids for school.

It's a lesson one dad learned the hard way, after sending his 5-year-old son off to kindergarten wearing what he thought was just your average, run-of-the-mill ugly Christmas sweater.

Turns out, the sweater in question featured good old St. Nick peeing the words "Merry Christmas" into an otherwise prisitine bank of crisp white snow.

"Accidentally sent my son to school with his newly bought ugly Christmas sweater," the dad wrote on Reddit, where his handle is AngryHamzter, and where he posted a shot of his boy in the sweater. "Didn't realize what Santa was doing until his kindergarten teacher pointed it out when I picked him up after school."


Or as one commenter on Reddit put it: "Urine trouble now!"

So how did the offensive sweater wind up in the wardrobe of a child in the first place?

AngryHamzter said his wife had quickly grabbed the sweater at the mall over the weekend for their son to wear to Ugly Sweater Day at school, and that both of them neglected to notice that Santa was taking a whizz.

"When I picked him up after school his teacher, who is actually pretty nice, just laughed and pointed it out discreetly," he said. "I figure I'm going to traumatize him at some point in my parenting career, might as well get it done sooner than later."

Once Dad explained what was really going down on the sweater, the boy apparently got a kick out of it. "He thought it was pretty badass after I told him," he said. "Wanted to wear it to bed even."

And apparently, he wasn't the only one at school that day with a sweater that lanced him on the Naughty List. "[The teacher] told me that another boy in class had worn the exact same one too," AngryHamzter said. "Neither of them noticed peeing Santa."

Wait. TWO kids went to school just causally rocking peeing Santa sweaters?

Now that's what we call a Merry Pissmas!

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