Earlier this year, DaShoan and Sofia Olds adopted seven biological siblings separated by foster homes.

By Maressa Brown
December 20, 2017
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DaShoan and Sofia Olds are making headlines for the absolutely heartwarming story that brought their family of nine together earlier this year. The Olds have been married for over 12 years, focusing on their careers following their service in Iraq which occurred not long after they tied the knot. And not long ago, they bought a spacious dream home in Marianna, Florida. Looking back now, they told Babble that they knew moving into the large house was obviously meant to be.

That's because on Black Friday 2016, Sofia saw a Facebook post about Necia (now 12), Eric (now 11), Erica (now 11), Zavian (now 9), Dava (now 8), Keyon (now 6), and Gentry (now 4) -- seven biological siblings living in three separate foster homes. At the time, the kids had been in foster care for two years and were legally free for adoption.

“My wife sends me a Facebook message of a local news story about seven children who needed to find a home for the holidays and she asked me how I liked the idea,” DaShoan Olds told “I said I liked the idea and, 'Let’s see if we can make it happen.’”

They had always thought they'd adopt maybe one or two kids, but when they learned of these biological siblings, they felt like it was the right time. "It was just in the back of our mind, but we didn’t really focus on it then we saw the story and it was just like a light bulb that went off to say like, 'This is for us. This is our time,’ DaShoan said. “These children need a home, we have a home. It’s time for us to be a blessing and take home these children.”

By January, the couple was taking foster care classes. "We sponsored them for birthdays, just volunteers at first and then they came to live out our house on June 2,” DaShoan explained. By September 14, they had officially adopted the seven children.

“It is somewhat easy because it’s like doing something you’re supposed to do. When you find a job that you love, it’s not really work,” Olds said. “We’re happy. We’re busier than ever, but we’re enjoying every moment, every day.”

Now that seven kids have found their forever home, they're settling in for a happy holiday celebration. According to Inside Edition, the family will take a vacation this Christmas, so that the kids can meet even more members of their new family.

Congrats and happy holidays to this happy, loving brood!


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