#WardRobes4Teens is lifting the spirits of sick teenagers in the hospital with unique hospital gowns to reflect their personalities.


Being a teenager is really, really tough. Am I right? So imagine being a teen, stuck in the hospital due to an injury or illness. And then having your identity essentially stolen from you, as you are forced to wear a boring standard-issue hospital gown, day in and day out.

"Wearing a hospital gown... there's nothing good about it," a teen girl says in a new video for the Ward + Robes initiative, which seeks to change this aspect of teens' experiences in the hospital. Another boy adds, "It kind of makes me feel like my identity has been stripped from me."

"It feels like you can't be yourself. Like, you're just a hospital patient," says another teen about having to don a gown that looks like everyone else's.

Seeing their expressions of sadness and their lack of hope as they talk about wearing the gowns is just crushing. Enter the non-profit organization Starlight Children's Foundation, which recently teamed up with top designers to provide hospitalized teens an opportunity to be themselves again. To put on gowns that express who they are, and help them reclaim their identities.

Credit: blondestore/Instagram

Once the teens try on the resulting Ward + Robes designs, it's obvious how much better they feel, almost like their inner flame is relit.

Credit: girlfridaytoronto/Instagram

They are smiling, laughing, dancing, and showing off the trendy, colorful designs featuring cool graphics and patterns.

Credit: sbscreated/Instagram

Designers involved in the project are showing their support on social media using the hashtag #WardRobes4Teens.

You can support this awesome initiative by donating money, or even designing your own gown. How cool is that? And such a worthy cause. Visit the Ward+Robes website to learn more!

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