After having a tough day with her 17-month-old daughter Luna, Teigen took to Twitter to bond with other mamas.

Chrissy Teigen
Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images

Most of the time, Chrissy Teigen's posts of her toddler Luna make their life seem pretty darn picture-perfect. The 17-month old, who calls the supermodel and singer/songwriter John Legend her parents, usually seems super-happy and chill. But let's be real: Luna is also a toddler. So, it's no surprise that like all L.O.s, she has her moments, and it seems as though she gave her mama a rather hard time late this week. On Friday, September 22, Chrissy wrote on Twitter that she was having "a very rough day" and asked other moms to weigh in with "stories of their kids being mean to them."

Plenty of moms had thoughts that hopefully put Chrissy's mind at ease.

Here, just a few of the jaw-droppers and all-too-relatable tales Twitter mamas shared. Some of them are laugh-worthy while others undoubtedly left some moms pretty upset.

Good on Chrissy for getting this convo started. This is even more proof that there's merit to moms sharing both their wins and challenges with one another. And that it really does take a village -- sometimes, that village just happens to be a full-on vent sesh among moms on Twitter!