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Chris Pratt is super cute and funny, a sweet dad, a cool actor, and a very kind human. The awesome dude recently visited a children's hospital and performed some of his now famous "raptor whispering" from the mega-hit Jurassic World, according to a photo posted by Reddit user chrysias. In the picture, Pratt is seen performing the tai chi-like moves that his character Owen Grady uses to soothe the scary dinos. But, instead of being surrounded by raptors, Pratt is surrounded by some child patients at the hospital in what appears to be a playroom.

The Jurassic World scene has inspired the viral #JurassicZoo meme where zookeepers and animal handlers hilariously "soothe" much less dangerous animals with Grady's now legendary moves. What looks badass when done surrounded by dinosaurs looks hilarious when performed on llamaspigs, and penguins. One person even recreated the scene with teddy bears! Genius.

Of course, this isn't the first time Pratt has visited a children's hospital. He and fellow superhero Chris Evans made a Super Bowl bet that they both made good on by visiting a couple of children's hospitals dressed as Star-Lord and Captain America. What a couple of great guys!

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