When the bakery doesn't come through, what's a dad to do? If you're Chris Hemsworth, you hit the kitchen to make your daughter an awesome birthday cake!
chris hemsworth baking
Credit: Elsa Pataky/Instagram

As if we didn't love him enough already, it turns out Chris Hemsworth knows his way around the kitchen—or at least he's pretty darn good at faking it!

When a local bakery didn't have time to make a birthday cake shaped like a dinosaur for his daughter India's 4th b-day, the actor decided to save the day and whip up one himself, using a couple of boxes of Green's cake mix and some brown eggs (free-range, of course).

"What happens when the bakery says they don't have time to make your daughter a birthday cake? You get involved and smash one out yourself!" he captioned the shot of his finished masterpiece on Instagram.

Um, who doesn't have time to make a cake for Thor?!

"I call it 'La TRex al la chocolate,'" Hemsworth added.

He named the cake, you guys.

And the end result is pretty darn cute. Sure it turned out a little messy. And it looks like he may have run out of those little candies he's got running around the perimeter. But this bad boy was baked with love—and apparently a dianosaur-shaped baking tin that they just happened to have lying around somewhere—and at the end of the day that's all that really matters, right?

Plus...did you see those biceps?

Pretty sure Hemsworth's wife Elsa was just as impressed with her husband's, um, way with a whisk as we were, because she also posted a picture of her man in the kitchen along with the caption: "Papa working hard on India's birthday cake!"

Total #DadGoals happening here. In your face, lame local bakery!

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