Vlogger Kristina Kuzmic understands the ongoing struggle of trying to keep the family bathroom clean, and she finally came up with the perfect solution!


Trying to keep the powder room clean and in working order in our house is a daily struggle. Whether it's cleaning up the pee up off the floor, closing the forgotten left-up seat, or replacing the empty toilet paper roll, the task always seems to fall on me.

You know what would be awesome? If my husband and kids decided to pick up some of the slack and pitch in from time to time. Which is why I'm totally stealing this bathroom poster idea from my favorite mom-vlogger Kristina Kuzmic.

"How to make mom happy!" she writes at the top in bold blue marker, before laying out the four basic steps. Step 1: Remove empty roll. Step 2: Throw empty roll in trash. Step 3: Put new (FULL) roll on! Step 4: You did it!!! Mom is happy! Yay."

kuznic 2
Credit: bathroom

It's not rocket science, people! Though of course, even though the ingenioius mama provided her fam with a stack of fresh rolls ceiling-high in order to make the assignment super-simple, the next time she goes to do a quick check of the powder room, the holder remains mind-bogglingly empty.

Credit: kuzmic

Then there's the matter of the pee, which seems to have landed everywhere except in the toilet. Last June, we told you about Kuznic's post-it note system for tackling this problem, which is on full display in the video. But after her meticulously applied instructions end up stuck in the bowl, she employs another method that involves wrapping the seat in Saran Wrap that I just may have to try.

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And when THAT doesn't work either, she throws on some goggles, busts out the chainsaw, and builds herself her own personal outhouse in the backyard.

Credit: bathroom goals

If that's not some serious #bathroomgoals right there, then I don't know what is.

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