He almost got the job. If only he were older...
lego job application
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Adorableness alert! A little boy applied for a job that required an extensive knowledge of Lego at Legoland Windsor in the U.K. The best part? While he didn't exactly get the position, Stanley Bolland's ambitious application letter earned him a day at the theme park shadowing an employee, and recognition that he is off to a promising start on his path to Lego career success!

According to the BBC, the posting for a person with experience in product design, IT and design packages, plus "interest or knowledge about Lego and creation of Lego models," inspired Bolland to write a letter boasting he was the man for the job.

He began his convincing plea for the position, "Dear Sir/Madam, I am six years old and I love Lego [and] have a box of it." Bolland added, "I hide my Lego so my brother cant get it. I am the man [for] the job because I have lots of experience. Love, Stanley."

The young man had hoped to earn the promised "competitive annual salary," but probably more importantly, a 40 percent discount on Legos.

Of course, Stanley is a little young to work full-time. But, Legoland Windsor was so impressed with this boy's moxie, they offered him the opportunity to "work" with them for a day. The company said in response to Bolland, "Loving Lego is the first step to being a model maker, so it certainly sounds like you'll be perfect for the job (once you've finished school of course)."

Bolland enjoyed his day shadowing a model maker named Paula Laughton. The two Lego experts spent the afternoon performing checks and repairs for the theme park's attractions.

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About his dream day, Bolland told the BBC, "It was awesome to spend the whole day at Legoland meeting the model makers and learning all about what they do every day. I loved it and I can't wait to tell all my friends about it at school."

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