ABC’s The Toy Box just named a winner, and we’re pretty psyched to try the toy!
Toy Box Artsplash Artsheets

Art wins!

ABC's Shark Tank-like invention show, The Toy Box, just concluded with a winner: Artsplash. And if you watched the show and are impressed with the judges' final pick, there's good news: it's  available now at Toys “R” Us! As the winning toy, it’s being manufactured by Mattel. And it’s pretty cool!

Inventor Ryan Stewart’s creation revolves around special art boards, called Artsheets. When kids add dyed water to any Artsheet using a pen, included, the liquid turns into 3D art, sort of a modern equivalent to puff-paint pictures. The art is smooth, shiny and colorful, and super unique. And it can be wiped off if a kid wants to go again!

“Ever since I was young, inventing was my dream, and I created Artsplash to give kids a new way to create their own masterpieces with something other than just a paint brush and paper,” says Stewart, a father of three young boys. “To be able to see something I created on-shelf at Toys ‘R’ Us is a childhood dream come true.”

Artsplash won over other creations that included a candy canon, something called “candy krusher” that molds soft candy into fun shapes, and a backpack piñata. (Can you tell that Dylan Lauren, of Dylan’s Candy Bar was one of the adult experts?) In order to move forward in the contest, toys also had to get the greenlight from a panel of four kids.

We’re thankful that the ultimate winner was art-related! It’s also affordable ($25), gender-neutral, and for ages 5 and up. We’re thinking a great birthday gift for the endless round of parties!

Jessica Hartshorn is the Entertainment Editor of Parents magazine, currently scouting for 2017’s best new toys for the November issue.