They made sure to plan for sun, rain.... and some pretty festive parties!

By Hollee Actman Becker
child packing to run away
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It's funny—my kids are 14 and 11, and they've never once tried to run away. At least as far as I know. When I was their age, I'd already split at least 5 or 6 times. And by "split" I mean I threw my pillow and favorite stuffed animal into a shopping bag, then made a big show of marching out the kitchen door to go hide in the backyard, where I'd wait for a few minutes until my dad came to find me.

I definitely had more of a flair for the dramatic then my own kids do however, and I'm guessing they haven't wanted to try such a stunt because it probably seems like too much work—figuring out where to go, how to get there, what to pack. But for mom blogger Tova Leigh's kids, puzzling out what to bring was the easy part.

"My kids decided to run away from home today after I told them off for smearing make-up all over our kitchen chairs," she explained in a recent Facebook post. "I could hear them planning their escape and trying to decide what to pack. I played along as they asked me to get their Paw Patrol bag down from the top shelf because they couldn't reach it, (a sensible choice might I add since it's quite a large bag yet comfortable to carry)."

Pretty funny. After 15 minutes of running around and getting stuff out of drawers, Leigh's kiddos were finally ready to go. And so she took the opportunity to check in and ask them what they had stashed in their bag.

"I was imagining a bag full of favorite toys, food, water, loose change, maybe even a torch if they really gave it some thought," Leigh explained. "But to my surprise my daughters had filled their bag with... SHOES. Three pairs each to be exact. 'Boots if it rains, sandals if it's sunny and party shoes in case we go to any parties.'"

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In case we go to any parties. Hilarious! I mean, who wouldn't want to run away to a place where the only things you need are boots, sandals and party shoes? Sounds pretty awesome to me!

"I think it's safe to say that a far as survival skills go, my children's seriously suck," Leigh wrote. "But at least they haven't lost their fashion sense...#Priorities."

Amen! Oh and watch your back, Manolo!

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