How could a husband possibly mess up this super-specific grocery list?

By Melissa Willets
Era Golwalkar

A wife in India is going viral for her super, exquisitely detailed shopping list for her hubby, that actually includes bullet points on each item she wants, as well as drawings.

On the list, Londhe instructs her husband Gaurav that the tomatoes he purchases should have "no holes," and the onion must be "small in size" and "round in shape."

You may be going, "duh," but think about the last time you sent your significant other to the grocery store. It's safe to say many men would return with brands and items you have never heard of, and most likely, don't want.

Of course, this is a generalization. My husband actually does quite well grocery shopping, and in fact, he is the one who puts the groceries away at our house. I'm the one who screws up what goes where in our kitchen. And he and I both do the cooking, so if he buys certain ingredients at the store, it's for good and not evil.

But lest you think that Londhe's husband felt his wife's shopping list was condescending, think again. "This is how we have been making our shopping lists for the last four to five months now," the self-described foodie wife said, adding, "It has been working well."

And Gaurav actually shared a photo of the list on his social pages as well.

Also, as Londhe explained later on Twitter, "My husband is not a foodie. For over 10 years before marriage he stayed in hostels & ate outside so he did not have a hang of veggie shopping. On the other hand I love home cooked food and am very particular about it. So, the illustrative list to bridge the communication gap."

"Before we started used illustrative grocery list 4-6 months ago, we used to have a lot of arguments about the quality of veggies Gaurav bought," Londhe told Parents. "Guarav started getting better veggies and our arguments reduced."

She says the list went viral because, "It was a problem that everyone had – some people even said that they still had this problem even after 30 years of marriage!"

Hey, whatever works, right? I just loved how some commenters to Twitter feared their wives would copy Londhe and start giving them lists like hers when they go shopping!

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As for me, I don't feel the need to make as detailed of shopping lists for my husband as Londhe does. But when it comes to tasks I need done around the house... well, that's a completely different story!

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