This is one beautiful name for a blue crayon!
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What's in a name? When it comes to the name of a Crayola crayon, it turns out the answer is, a lot! The iconic color-maker recently announced its nineteenth active blue color in a big way. And you're going to love what the newest addition to the 24-count crayon box is called.

After four months, and 90,000 unique name suggestions, the winner of the company's North American crayon-naming campaign was revealed this week at an event in New York City. And the winner was...Bluetiful!

Check out the video: There's a cool part where they unveil the world's largest crayon according to GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS, measuring 15.6 feet in length and weighing 1,352 pounds. I'm sure my kids could work that down to a stub in mere days, though!


Smith Holland, President and CEO of Crayola said in a press release about the event, "We couldn't have imagined a more special way to conclude our color campaign and champion color and creativity than with this new crayon color and name."

Melanie Boulden, Senior Vice President of U.S. and Global Marketing added, "Thanks to our fans' passion and creativity, our new blue has an awesome new name. The name Bluetiful exudes creativity and originality. We couldn't be more excited to welcome new Bluetiful to the Crayola color family."

Incidentally, Bluetiful will replace the previously retired blue shade, Dandelion, one of my personal favs.

You can buy a box of crayons featuring Bluetiful starting in late January 2018. But, coloring fans can also pick up the new color and a coloring book exclusively at Walmart, or at and in November.

What do you think of the name?

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