The celebrity dad took his son to Comic-Con dressed as a dead ringer for the Suicide Squad supervillian—and social media denizens debated the merits of the costume.

By Ellen Sturm Niz

Dressing up as your favorite superhero or comic book character is a pretty common activity for kids and cosplayers alike. So when celebrity dad Liev Schreiber was headed to Comic-Con to promote his new film, My Little Pony: The Movie, he took his costume-loving sons along for the ride. Pretty typical "famous dad" behavior, right? But what makes it an example of unique parenting is the costume Schreiber's son Kai is wearing: a gender-nonconforming tribute to Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn, complete with blond pig tails, smudged makeup, and torn fishnet stockings.

Schreiber and his other son, Sasha, are wearing a hodge-podge of costumes — and also look killer — but Kai is 100-percent Harley. I'm sure you can imagine what happened when the actor posted the photo on Instagram —he got a slew of both positive and negative comments.

While many praised him for letting his son dress up however he wanted, gender roles be darned, and having fun with his kids, some questioned whether Harley Quinn is an appropriate character for an eight-year-old kid —boy or girl — to portray. The character and her costume are very sexualized.

What do you think of Kai's costume? Would you let your child dress up like Harley Quinn?



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