The Atomic Blonde actress, who's a mom of two, opened up about what matters to her most when she's considering potential partners.

By Maressa Brown

Charlize Theron, a single mom to 5-year-old son Jackson and 2-year-old daughter August, is usually pretty private about her personal life, but on Wednesday, July 19, Theron opened up to Howard Stern about dating. The 41-year-old admits she went through a period of time where she really just wanted to zero in on raising her L.O.s.

“Once you have children, that’s who you are,” Theron explained. “There’s no way around that. That’s who I am. Once I had my kids, the first two years you’re so -- you turn into such a mom. Your body almost switches off. I had no desire to date or anything.”

But these days, after a two-year relationship with Sean Penn ended in 2015, she's more interested in connecting with someone.

"I went on a date maybe, like, a month ago," she explains. "I had a great date, I’ve got to tell you. I had an incredible date. This guy really impressed me. I think he was just like a really cool dude. I think some people try to be cool, I think he was just cool. ... We went for a 9 mile hike in the middle of the night. It was a full moon. I was really impressed. It was fun! I’m not going to say where we met, but we met somewhere, and we ended up going for a walk. I wasn’t scared -- it was just really fun. He was super funny. It was super private and I guess that’s what made it so much fun too.”

Although she had fun, the two are far from exclusive, and Theron explained that she takes who she introduces to her kids very seriously. “They have to wait a long time -- a very long time,” she said. “I think you have to be really, really slow with that stuff.”

Good for her! Ultimately, there's no right or wrong way of dating when you're a single mama. She -- and any single mom -- should go with whatever timing and boundaries feel right to her.



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