In the essay, the Magic Mike star opens up the future he envisions for 3-year-old Everly. What he wants for her is so feminist!

By Maressa Brown
May 07, 2017
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

If you follow Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum on social media, you know that they're not only a gorgeous, talented, totally in love couple but that they're proud parents to 3-year-old Everly. Judging from his Instagram posts alone, Tatum is one of the most adorable celeb dads, whose one-on-one moments with his little girl are so ridiculously cute. He and Dewan-Tatum tend to keep their daughter out of the spotlight, but in a moving new essay for Cosmopolitan, which will appear in the magazine's June 2017 issue, the star of Magic Mike and founder of the new Las Vegas show Magic Mike Live is sharing what his hopes for his daughter's future.

Tatum recalls a moment from his early days dating his wife. "I thought about when I first met Jenna," he shares. "I knew our connection was really powerful, but I wasn’t sure what our relationship was going to be. Then one day, Jenna just blurted out that she knew exactly what she wanted in life and she didn’t have to look for it anymore because it was me. She had no idea what I’d say or how I’d react, but that was her truth. ... That radical authenticity of hers was what made me fall head over heels in love. ... And that’s what I want for my daughter — to be expectation-less with her love and not allow preconceived standards to affect her, to ask herself what she wants and feel empowered enough to act on it."

In other words, he wants his daughter to know and embrace who she is and speak from her heart, to be strong and courageous. He explains, "I don’t want her looking to the outside world for answers. My highest hope for her is just that she has the fearlessness to always be her authentic self, no matter what she thinks men want her to be."

Tatum's "highest hope" for Everly isn't only wonderfully feminist and progressive; it's just plain awesome. It's something every parent should want for their child — for them to be able to grow up and get to a place where they're truly in sync with who they are, own it, and celebrate it. Couldn't love this famous dad's heartfelt thoughts any more!


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