The actor hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live this Halloween—and his adorable 4-year-old daughter Everly paid the price. 

By Lauren Pardee
November 02, 2017

Forget ghosts and goblins, your child's biggest Halloween fear goes by the name of Jimmy Kimmel. Every year the late-night talk show host calls on the parents of the world to prank their kids in the most frightening way any child could imagine—by pretending to eat all their Halloween candy. No kid is safe from the pranks (which, as we all know by now, are compiled into Jimmy Kimmel Live segments.)

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This Halloween, actor Channing Tatum played the role as host while Kimmel took time off to prepare for his son Billy's second heart surgery—and it was only appropriate that Tatum took part in the Halloween tricks for treats. Once Tatum begins to introduce the segment, you can practically feel the guilt and hesitation in his voice.

"Look I figured if I'm asking you to do this to your kids, I should probably do it to mine too," he told the audience before continuing with the most cringe-worthy look. "Wait until you see it. So here is how my daughter Evy took the news."

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Ouch—you can tell Tatum's 4-year-old daughter Everly is daddy's little girl. "That's not funny," she says before burying her head into mom, Jenna Dewan Tatum. What can we take away from this prank gone wrong: Tatum is dreamier than ever—exposing the fatherly side of him we don't often see.

Tatum later shared a clip of Kimmel pranking his own 3-year-old daughter, Jane.

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How sweet is she? The cutest part is little Jane's reaction to her father saying, "Jimmy Kimmel made me do it." Her response is a simply puzzling "Oh?"

Props to Jane for being the most mature little girl ever. Maybe she has caught onto her dad's mischievous ways, but if that were me I would be on the floor in full despair—even as an adult.


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