Meet one of the world's youngest fans of the mighty Led Zeppelin.

By Melissa Willets
April 22, 2016
3-year-old toddler Led Zeppelin fan
Credit: YouTube/Matthew Canning

This is one tot who's not "Dazed and Confused" about what good music is all about. Now, don't let 3-year-old Lily's Elsa dress fool you; we're not talking about tunes from Frozen. She is a Led Zeppelin fan, and as a lifelong devotee of the band, Lily is simply after my own heart.

In this YouTube video that has been shared over 91,000 times, this adorable little girl is able to rattle off names of songs by the mighty Led Zeppelin based solely upon her dad Matthew playing the opening riffs on his guitar. And we're not just talking about "Stairway to Heaven." From "Black Dog" to "Houses of the Holy" to "Heartbreaker" to "Immigrant Song," Lily rattles off classic tunes like a rock-and-roll trivia expert.

Then, when her dad is done quizzing her, Lily is ready with a request. She adorably dances in her flowing dress and cape to "Rock and Roll" as Matthew croons the lyrics.

What I love about this video is that it reminds me of listening to Led Zeppelin songs when I was a child with my own father. He is responsible for introducing me to the music that has shaped and enhanced my life ever since. We still enjoy hearing songs from our favorite band together; one's love for the Zepp always remains the same.

What do you think of this little girl's impressive knowledge?

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