The poll shows parents are split on spanking and letting baby cry it out, but not so on vaccinations and breastfeeding in public.

By Hollee Actman Becker
January 11, 2016
serious baby making tough face
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Do you let your kids sleep in your bed? (Guilty.) Drink Starbucks? (Ditto.) Hang out unattended on social media? (

If you do, you're in the minority, at least according to BuzzFeed.

The site polled more than 200,000 readers to find out how parents really felt about 16 of the most controversial topics when it comes to raising kids. Here's what they asked, and what they found:

1. When asked whether or not they thought a child could get a well-rounded social and academic experience through homeschooling, more than 150,500 of the parents polled said no.

2. Ok to breastfeed in public? Hell yeah it is, said 85 percent.

3. But when it came to circumcision for newborn boys, a whopping 71 percent spoke out against it.

4. As for spanking, respondents were pretty evenly split. About 106,000 people said no-go, while almost 100,000 were game.

5. When it came to letting babies cry it out, about 117,000 were not on board with this type of sleep training.

6. But an impressive 94 percent of parents polled had fully vaccinated their kids.

7. Drugs for pain during childbirth? Only 8 percent just said no.

8. Elective C-sections? Just over one-third said they would schedule one without medical necessity.

9. When it came to letting grade school-aged kids drink soda/caffeine, only 32 percent were down.

10. And no surprise here—nearly 80 of the parents polled were not fans of Common Core Standards.

11. About two-thirds of those polled were happy to share pics of their kids on social media.

12. But the majority of those polled keep tabs on their kids when they're online.

13. As for co-sleeping with kids, about 37 percent admit to doing it.

14. Swearing at home? In 30,000 families, the kids get to go for it.

15. When it came to disciplining someone else's child, about a third of parents said they'd do it.

16. And finally, a suprising 47 percent of those polled were open to putting their kids on a leash.

Which of these surprises you the most?

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.