Burger King asks: Would you be more willing to report a bullied Whopper Jr., than a bullied high school junior? You'll be surprised by the answer.


Burger King decided to honor Bullying Prevention Month with an eye-opening PSA of their very own, in partnership with the nonprofit No Bully. In the viral video, young actors bully a fellow actor with taunts, shoving, and even dumping water on his food in a Burger King. In the meantime, one of the Burger King workers "bullies" a series of Whopper Jrs by smashing and punching them (and calling them names!), before sending them out to customers. (Which is, admittedly, a pretty flipping funny segment.)

[iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/mnKPEsbTo9s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/iframe]

Burger King wanted to see what other customers would do—and while 95 percent of the customers who received the "bullied" Whopper Jrs complained, only 12 percent of the customers who witnessed the high school junior being bullied stood up for him. (And watching the footage of those who did stand up for the young actor will definitely make your day.)

It's worth showing your kids, not only to encourage them not to bully, but to show them some really effective ways to intervene when they see someone else being bullied. Because research has shown that people intervening to defuse bullying situations can be extremely effective in reducing the amount of bullying that goes on—and we can all do our part to encourage kindness and prevent bullying.

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Kudos to Burger King for producing a smart, intriguing—and just a little bit weird–social experiment that could increase the conversation around this key issue.