He transformed the popular move into a stellar way to keep kids from spreading germs this winter.

By Hollee Actman Becker

Did anyone else find it weird when House Speaker Paul Ryan had no clue what Roger Marshall's teen son Cal was up to yesterday when, while posing with his dad for a photo op, Cal busted out a dab?

"You alright? You want to put your hand down?" a confused Ryan asked him. "Were you going to sneeze, is that it?"

Come on, dude! You've got three kids! Even Hillary Clinton knows what a dab is! I guess you missed Stephen "tWitch" Boss schooling her in the move on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" last January.

In case any of you guys are also in the dark, here's a quick refresher: Dabbing first became a thing in late 2015, after a bunch of hip-hop artists put the move—which consists of bending your head down into the crook of your elbow with your other arm stretched out—into their music videos. Teens quickly co-opted the action for Vine (a moment of silence, please), and it eventually solidified its place in the Viral Dance Move Hall of Fame after being popularized by athletes like Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, who started using it in his infamous end-zone dances.

That's probably around the time my own son, who is 11, and his friends started hitting the dab, and they've pretty much been obsessed with it ever since. In fact, dabbing has now become so ingrained in their day to day, that it's almost like an involuntary tick they bust out every time they complete a task.

Just took a shower? Hit the dab. Get a math problem right? Double dab. Finally land a water bottle upright after flipping it for 10 minutes? That's gotta be worth at least six dabs in succession, maybe more.

And while it would be easy to write the whole thing off as just another harmless but vaguely annoying teen fad, one high school principal in Newark, Ohio found a way to turn the popular move into a pretty stellar effort to keep kids from spreading germs this winter.

Check it out:


So. Brilliant.

I mean, for years, doctors have been advising kids and adults to sneeze into the arm or inside of the elbow as a way to prevent bacteria from spreading. Now Principal Tom Bowman has found the most genius way to drive that point home. No surprise, after being posted by a student on Imgur, the poster of him dabbing in front of a row of red lockers quickly went viral. BuzzFeed even slotted it at No. 35 on a list of hilarious tweets from 2016, and Bowman told the Newark Advocate that he recently heard from both the California Department of Public Health and Ohio State University, who reached out about copying the idea.

*Insert triple dab*

Bowman remains humble about the whole thing, though, chalking his viral status up to luck. "It was a comedy of errors and a perfect storm," he explained, adding that the best part about being Internet famous is that the students who pass him in the hallway actually want to talk to him now.

"We have some fun with that, and it's kind of cool," he said.

No doubt. But in order to ensure this wasn't a one-shot deal, we've got another challenge at the ready: Let's see if he can make something good out of the whole bottle-flipping thing.

Annnd go!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and mom of two who writes about parenting and pop culture. Check out her website holleeactmanbecker.com for more, and then follow her on Instagram and Twitter.



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