The creative little boy set the penalty for his mother's grievous crime at just under $113 quintillion.
ticket for being on phone
Credit: wtrsid/Imgur

How much is your attention worth?

Does $112,938,784,657,394,871,217 sound about right?

That's how much one son thinks the fine should be for his mom "being on your phone most of the time" instead of being with him.

Fed up with his mother's excessive phone use, the boy wrote up a ticket on a small sheet of loose leaf paper, citing her for the above crime and demanding that she pay him the astronomical fee as punishment.

"Ticket for being on your phone most of the time and not being (seriously) with me a lot," he wrote. "Hope you enjoy paying the fine!"

The boy's dad must have gotten a kick out of the whole thing, because according to The Daily Mail, he posted a picture of the homemade "ticket" on both Reddit and Imgur, along with the caption "Wife got served a ticket by my son," where it racked up more than 650,000 views before being taken down.

Apparently, instead of finding the humor in the boy's ticket-writing scheme, commenters were quick to start judging his mother and her obession with her phone. "A mom on her phone so much that her son acknowledges it with a fake ticket... That's actually very sad..." one of them wrote.

Can't really blame the dad for removing the image. Although personally, I think the son's ticket-writing scheme was actually kind of brilliant (bonus points for his correct spelling of 'your'). I may even co-opt the idea to use on my teenager daughter.

She'd have to seriously up her babysitting game to pay that $112,938,784,657394,871,217 fine, though.

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