A tiny passenger hitching a ride on her wedding-dress train is probably not how this bride imagined her walk down the aisle.
Credit: YouTube

Kids are unpredictable. Case in point: The other day my toddler started taking all her clothes off at the bus stop. It happens.

Of course, in that situation, I was able to laugh it off and crack a joke to the other parents who saw her strip down. I can't imagine how the parents of a little boy who divebombed a bride's dress at her wedding reacted to their child's lack of impulse control.

It happened at a couple named Mark and Tanya's wedding, and you can watch the hilarious/shocking/embarrassing moment play out in this YouTube video.

The wedding-dress-train attack seen 'round the Internet started innocently enough. Tanya is being escorted down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride" in a puff of white tulle and lace. Then we hear the boy's battle cry as he runs after the unsuspecting bride and hurls his little tuxedo-clad body onto the back of her gown.

There's a collective gasp as Tanya turns around to see what the heck just happened to the moment she's been dreaming of her entire life. A wedding guest seated nearby quickly reaches down to fish the boy off her gown. You don't see this on camera, but I'm pretty sure his mom starts praying for a hole in the floor to magically appear so she can sink through it.

This bold young man has accomplished his mission of finding out what it would be like to land in a pillow of white wedding gown. (It did look pretty fun.) Meanwhile, Tanya's walk down the aisle has now been viewed nearly 2 million times. Hey, at least no one will forget these nuptials! Um, I wonder if this boy's timeout is over yet?

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