Constance Hall takes on postpartum body issues with an important revelation—she was gorgeous then, and she's gorgeous right now.


Did you ever look back at a photo of yourself from high school, or college, or maybe even those first few post-grad years before you started popping out the kids and think "Damn, I looked pretty good. What the h*ll was I so insecure about?" I know I have. And it always makes me feel bummed out about wasting so much time worrying about how my body looked. Time that I can never, ever get back.

Australian blogger Constance Hall feels my pain. The mom of four, who happens to have a set of toddler twins, recently posted a throwback pic of herself over on her Facebook page, along with a startling revelation about the body image struggle most of us mamas deal with on the daily.

"First thought, 'the twins owe me big time!'" she wrote in the caption. "Second thought, 'god I can't believe I thought I was fat, I was gorgeous!' Third thought, 'what am I thinking, I'm still bloody gorgeous, there's just slightly more gorgeousness to love and more people to love it now.'"

Amen, mama! I totally relate to this. I remember being so acutely aware of every extra ounce on my body when I was younger. We are all our own toughest critics, right? But since having kids, my priorities have shifted big time. In fact, I don't even own a scale anymore. I'd be lying if I said I didn't sometimes dream about fitting back into that one pair of skinny black pants that have been hiding in the back of my closet since somewhere around 2002. But for the most part, as long as I can still zip up my jeans, I'm good to go—even if I have to wriggle around a bit or lie down on the bed to get the job done.

The bottom line is this: if we want to teach our children how to be happy with themselves regardless of their shape or size, we first have to train ourselves to do the same. Which is why I think Hall makes an amazing point here. So let's just put an end to all this body image nonsense and embrace our "extra gorgeousness" from now on. It's about bloody time, dontcha think?

Hall's post received more than 17,000 likes, and many fellow moms shared their postpartum body experiences in the comments.

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