Blogger Hilariously Confesses All the Reasons for Her Mom Guilt 'Hangover'

Blogger mama Melissa Radke's new video on all the reasons she's feeling guilty as a parent is the most relatable thing we've seen all week.

Signs of Mom Guilt
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Remember Melissa Radke and her hilarious viral video about being victimized by school theme days? Well, the Texas mom is back with another on-point rant, and this one is about Mom Guilt.

Although I'm not sure if "rant" is the right word exactly, considering Melissa never utters a single sound. Instead, she holds up a bunch of those signs all the YouTubers like to use in their vids so they can say what they need to say without actually talking. So let's just go with "message." And what Melissa's message centers around, is the fact that she's pretty much been a hot mess of a mom lately, and now she's kind of feeling guilty about it.

Join the club, Melissa. Join. The. Club. You know what I did right before I sat down to write this? I re-washed the same load of towels for the third time because I kept forgetting to put it in the dryer. Oops, my bad.

Anyhoo, the frustrated mama kicks things off by letting us know that she generally thinks videos of people holding up signs to tell their story are dumb. And it's not just because her kids left the caps off all the markers and now they're all dried out. She's using this method, she writes, because her family went three days without toilet paper and two weeks without laundry detergent; and because she missed her daughter's last two dentist appointments and packed her son two bags of Doritos and a Coke for lunch.

Not for nothing, but if I presented that meal to my own kid I swear he would think I was the best mom EVER. But Melissa is so hungover with mom guilt, she tells us, that she gave in and let both of her kids sleep in her room. In fact, they're still sound asleep in her bed right-this-very-now. Which is why she was forced to resort to holding up those pesky signs in the first place.

See how it all comes full circle?

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