At least one company has removed the costume from its site after Twitter users complained that it trivialized the Holocaust.

By Hollee Actman Becker
October 17, 2017

Another day, another weirdly inappropriate Halloween costume. Online retailer was apparently selling an Anne Frank costume for girls that featured a blue dress with destination tag, a brown satchel bag, and a green beret—but oddly, no diary.

"We can always learn from the struggles of history!" the website's copy read. "Now, your child can play the role of a World War II hero with this girls World War II costume."

Just... no. There are wonderful ways to commemorate Anne Frank—and this is definitely not one of them. Particularly troublesome is the model's smile and pose, which seem woefully out of place on a child who was forced to hide in an attic before eventually perishing in a concentration camp along with most of her family.

After Twitter users rightfully freaked out over the way the Halloween costume trivialized the Holocaust, the company pulled it from their site and issued the following statement.

"We sell costumes not only for Halloween, but for many uses outside the Halloween season, such as school projects and plays. We offer several types of historically accurate costumes—from prominent figures to political figures, to television characters. We have passed along the feedback regarding this costume, and it has been removed from our website at this time. We apologize for any offense it has caused, as that's never our intention."

Better late than never. Though sadly, the costume is still available at other websites like Candy Apple Costumes and Bonanza. C'mon, guys!

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