The song features a three-minute spoken-word intro about the relationship between mothers and daughters.


It's always cool when you get a glimpse into the private life of celebrities—espeically when it's the stars themselves offering up the non-edited view.

John Legend recently did it when he featured wife Chrissy Teigen and daughter Luna in his new "Love Me Now" music video. Now it's Beyonce's turn to fling open the door—or at least open it a crack—with the unveiling of her new video for the song "All Night" from the award-winning, much-talked-about album Lemonade.

Check out the happy couple at their wedding:

bey and jay wedding
Credit: beyonceVEVO/YouTube

So sweet! From footage of the 2008 nuptials and of a pregnant Bey rocking a big beautiful bump in 2012, to clips of Tina Knowles marrying Richard Lawson last year, the video is full of the kind of personal, classified moments we usually don't get to see.

Like this one, of daughter Blue Ivy about to feed her daddy some birthday cake while a party-hat-wearing Beyonce looks on:

blue ivy birthday party
Credit: beyonceVEVO/YouTube

Or this one of Jay playing football with Blue in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans prior to Beyonce's appearance in the half-time show during Super Bowl XLVII:

bey video
Credit: beyonceVEVO/YouTube

Pretty cool!

There's even a mini-montage of Jay and Bey getting matching 'IV' tattoos on their ring fingers—a significant number since the pair was married on April 4 and both of their birthdays fall on the fourth day of the month—plus a clip from of Beyonce's grandmother Hattie addressing the crowd during her 90th birthday celebration.

"My grandma said 'Nothing real can be threatened,'" the singer says in a touching voiceover that may or may not have brought tears to my eyes.

Thanks for the feels, Carter family!

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