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What do Legos have to do with beauty tips? Nothing, really, except one of its new Lego Friends sets, designed to appeal to girls, features the Heartlake Hair Salon. This is where Lego Friend Emma goes to stylist Natasha to get her hair done. So when Lego Club Magazine needed to fill its pages, its editors decided to make the salon and its characters a jumping off point for some content. The story? How to get the best haircut for the shape of your face. I couldn't agree more with how New York Times Motherlode blogger Sharon Holbrook feels about this: "My little girl, the shape of her face, and whether her haircut is flattering are none of Lego's concern," she said. "It wasn't even her concern until a toy magazine told her to start worrying about it." What a dumb article, Lego.

The Lego Friends sets have caused controversy from the beginning. In addition to its girly themes of hair salons and ice cream parlors, its pieces are all pink and purple and turquoise, because that's what girls like, right? Well, yes. My eight-year-old daughter loves the Lego Friends sets in all their girly glory. She also loves the classic Legos in their primary colors, the City themed sets, and even the Master Builder Academy sets. So I'm cool with Lego making girly sets because they make all kinds of sets and kids can choose whatever they want.

Here's what I'm not cool with: The lack of creativity and complete disregard for the power they have to influence young minds that the Lego Club Magazine editors showed when creating this article. You don't need to run a beauty article with lame-brain ideas that will make girls self conscious about the shapes of their faces. If you wanted to make the Heartlake Hair Salon the focus of the story, fine. Here are five story ideas you could have—should have—run instead.

Best Hairdos for Playing Sports—ponytails, French braids, and buns that will keep your hair out of your face so you can keep your eyes on the goal!Why I Choose a Career as a Stylist—Natasha, strong working woman on why she loves her job.Hair Washing Tips From Emma—girls and boys could use a few tips on doing this, amirite?How Often You Need a Haircut and Why—I'm betting parents would appreciate a little support in getting kids to the salon or barber shop.Why People Have Different Hair Colors and Textures—Work in a little science, eh?

Try harder, Lego.

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

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