It seems the world hasn't had enough of Professor Kelly's family crashing his TV time.

By Melissa Willets

Can you believe it's been 12 days since Professor Robert Kelly's infamous turn on BBC News, during which his adorable kids crashed his interview, and subsequently became Internet sensations?

Well, given the non-stop and, frankly, genius parodies of this totally relatable parenting moment, it's no surprise that the world isn't quite ready to forget about Kelly, his kids Marion and James, and his wife Kim Jung-A, who memorably snuck into her hubby's home office to restore order to the scene.

Things recently got awesome when Kelly, an expert on Korea, took to Twitter to announce he will be doing another live TV interview, but this time on CNN, and also joked that the producer asked him to lock his door!

Soon, retweets were begging for Kelly to leave the door open for his "surprise" guests.

Many tweets demanded that Kelly's 4-year-old, yellow-shirt-wearing and carefree dancing daughter Marion make a cameo.

Another retweet offered the advice that Kelly should be holding either Marion or his infant son during the interview.

Overall, it seems the Internet is just not ready to say goodbye to the cute kiddos or the determined Kim Jung-A, who livened up Kelly's TV time.

Sorry, Professor, but we have to agree that anytime your family happens to show up while you're appearing on television will be considered a total success in our book! Unfortunately, in this case, Kelly's CNN interview was, well, rather boring compared to his turn on the BBC. Because in the end, nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Do you want more Marion and James?

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and soon-to-be mom of 4. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.



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