What's 2-year-old Noel Hopkins to do when questioned about the lipstick art on Mom's mirror? Blame Batman!
Boy blames Batman for lipstick drawing on mom's mirror.
Credit: YouTube/Laura Hopkins

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman. Or blame him.

That's what bespeckled toddler Noel Hopkins does in this adorable video of him being questioned about who drew on his mom's mirror with lipstick. So brilliant!

The clip opens with the little guy leaning against a mirror that's been impressively decorated with fuschia Jackson Pollock-esque squiggles.

"Who drew on mommy's mirror?" we hear his mom Laura ask.

"I don't know," Noel replies, running away from his masterpiece and over to the bed.

"Was it you?" Laura asks.

"No," Noel tells her, shaking his head as he glances guiltily over at his handiwork.

"Who was it?" Laura wants to know.

"It's Batman," Noel tells her, not even cracking a smile.

Pretty impressive cover up there, dude!

Laura titled the clip "Batman Did It" and posted it on the Unmumsy Mum Facebook page (where it quickly racked up more than 650,000 views), and also on YouTube, where she added the caption: "Our 2 year old blaming batman for the lipstick art on my mirror!! Far too cute to get mad."

We totally agree!

I wonder if Noel was actually trying to tell his mom that it's a drawing of Batman, not that the Dark Knight is the culprit who covered the mirror in slashes pink graffiti. Still, this video is seriously cute either way.

Watch it for yourselves and then let us know what you think!

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