The reality star and mom-of-two hit back at the haters who criticized her for leaving her girls to star on another season of the show.

By Hollee Actman Becker
June 14, 2017

In the midst of all the drama surrounding the fourth season of "Bachelor in Paradise" comes a smaller story—albeit a pretty common one—surrounding the mommy-shaming of 27-year-old contestant and mom-of-two Amanda Stanton.

The reality star was one of the cast members flown home after production was shut down on the show amid rumors of "misconduct." And ironically, now that Stanton's back home and reunited with her daughters—4-year-old Kinsey and 3-year-old Charlie—the haters have come out in full force to criticize her for leaving them to take part in the series for a third time.

"Can't believe you were actually going to do paradise again?" wrote one commenter on Stanton's popular Instagram page. "Now that it's canceled go be a normal mom and stop exploiting those poor poor girls! Stop dressing them like they are teenagers! You really need some serious parental advice!"

"Put clothes on and go spend time with your kids for f*cks sake," added another.

And from a third: "Your ugly and your kids prob hate you :-)"

Wow. I'm just gonna skip over that misuse of the word "your" there and get right to it. Because these comments are just so mean. What gives anyone the right to judge and attack a mom they don't even know? We all make choices as parents, and no one has to live with them but us. It's really no one's business what any mom—or dad, for that matter—chooses to do with their life. These commenters seriously need to check themselves.

After turning off the comments on several of her posts, the single mom took to her Instagram story to defend herself.

"I don't normally like to address the trolls/mom shamers... but it's so out of control!" she said in a video. "I'd like to take a moment to clarify first of all that my kids DO have a father that is part of their life. They spend time with him, too. So if you see a photo of me without my kids one weekend and comment something like 'mother of the year' or 'wow shouldn't she be with her kids?' Well, there's a VERY good chance that I can't be with them because they're with their dad. As far as Bachelor in Paradise goes, it doesn't film for very long at ALL. I know it airs for 2 months... but it actually takes a lot less than that to film it. And alllllll the other days, weeks, months of the year, I am with [my kids]! I understand that most parents don't go on reality TV shows... but everyone's lives are different... My kids are my entire world. I am doing my best to give them a great life."

Tell 'em, girl! It's really no one's business what you choose to do with your life. More empathy and love, people!

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