Attention All Moms! This Brand-New Video Series Will Make You LOL

I am not a parent, but I've put in a ton of babysitting hours over the years, so I know that it isn't easy to take care of kids. I can only imagine what it must be like to don the official title of parent and do it full time. It certainly doesn't look like it does in a lot of sitcoms, where a mom is perfectly done up and is casually going around town with her impeccably dressed children. And there are 0 diaper explosions or meltdowns or hair pulling action. Those shows depict a fantasy land! So I was thrilled when I heard that a video series was launching on the web that celebrates the sometimes not-so-pretty side of being a mom.

Real Mommy Confessions is about, you guessed it, real moms who confess something they do as a parent. It's a simple but great idea: Let parents know that they are not alone. No one is perfect, and thank goodness for that! The series is the brainchild of Californian Bianca LeRoux, a producer/actress and mom, aka someone who knows both the video and parenting worlds, so you know it is going to be good. A new episode will be available every Thursday.

The first episode, which officially launches today, features a confession from mom Alicia W. from San Rafael, California, as depicted by actress Charlí« Webb. Alicia's confession? She believes in time outs. Mommy time outs, that is. I definitely recommend taking your own mommy time out to watch this quick and funny video:

Plus, watch Parents' own compilation of mom confessions!

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