So, did baby Wyatt learn her cursing from dad Ashton Kutcher or mom Mila Kunis?

Ashton Kutcher
Credit: Ashton Kutcher/Instagram

I know the haters are gonna slam me for admitting this: there's something kind of cute about the first time your kid drops the f-bomb.

Just ask Ashton Kutcher. The first-time dad recently posted a pretty adorable picture of himself on Instagram, where he's trying hard to restrain a giggle after his daughter Wyatt—with wife Mila Kunis—let the naughty four-letter word fly.

Here's what he wrote in the caption: "When you 22 month old drops and f bomb and it is (not funny) except it's really funny and you can't laugh. #baddads #badmoms."

Out of the mouths of babes, right? And we see what you did there with the plug for your wife's new movie, Ashton. Well played.

We love Ashton's transparency here, so we say go ahead and laugh without restraint. These are the best moments, and after all, they don't call it a "potty mouth" for nothing.

Most of us have been there, right? I remember my daughter's first F bomb like it was yesterday. My daughter was six, and my husband was driving her to a birthday party or some such thing when another driver cut him off.

"Duuuude!" he yelled, then leaned on the horn to maneuver his way around the offending vehicle.

And then, a tiny voice from the back seat: "Effing people!"

Only she didn't say "effing."

Totally my fault. I mean, I curse like a sailor when I'm driving so where do you think she learned it? Kids are like parrots—they repeat what they hear. #EpicMomFAIL

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