Are You Mom Enough To Take Care of a Tamagotchi?

Remember the Tamagotchi from the '90s? It's ba-a-ack!

November 12, 2018


Three kids, a dog, and a Tamagotchi? I think adding this digital pet to my world might just push me over the edge! So, here's hoping my kids take care of their own little "friends" if they get 'em for Christmas.

Last year, twenty years after this pocket-sized gadget with monster-sized needs first hit the market, Bandai America relaunched its iconic '90s toy. Like the Hatchimal, this mini-pet hatches, and then requires care in the form of "feeding" and "cleaning up" after it. 

Now, the 2018 iteration Tamagotchi is available in 16 of the original styles (eight styles for each generation available) including translucent blue, purple and pink, mermaid, and green glitter, and retails for $20.

Of course, the company is banking on adults buying themselves one of these mini-pets.

"We're going after that nostalgia," director of brand management Tara Badie told The Verge. About the experience of caring for a Tamagotchi, she also said, "When you take care of something, you start to love it and want to take care of it. You want it to grow. You have that connection with it, so you want to have it succeed and survive."

Sounds sweet, and easier than adopting a new cat or dog, so... that is, if you can tolerate the loud beeping sound the thing makes when it's being neglected. And if my kids complain about being asked to feed our real pet, I'm scared! I'm also 199 percent sure I don't need anything else to take care of, personally.

You can order the latest version of the digital pet today through various online retailers including TargetAmazon, and Walmart

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